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Immunization Requirements



Students with flu-like illness: Please continue to follow the recommendations listed below to protect your family members and prevent the spread of this virus.

Healthy siblings of students with flu are welcome at school.

Please do not go the emergency room for a doctor’s note if your student has been home with flu symptoms.

After fever is gone, cough sometimes continues for quite a while. Remind your student to ‘cover his/her cough’ by coughing into their upper arm to reduce ‘sharing’ their germs with fellow students.

The school district still plans to offer H1N1 flu vaccinations when they become available. Information will be sent home with your student. If you have general flu vaccination questions, other than school clinics, please contact the Montezuma County Health Department, 565-3056.

There is no plan to close schools at this time, although that option continues to be a consideration if the situation warrants. Information regarding school closure would be available from the same sources as would a snow day announcement.



Help reading files

If you do not have Adobe, pdf reader, you can download it at this free site:

  • Student Information may be released by the Dolores School District to our school billing agency for Medicaid purposes only, unless you submit your written request to the school secretary. This information is limited to:  student name and date of birth.