Spreadsheet Assignment:  Nutrition Analysis of Fast Food:  Which is the Healthiest?

Plan a meal with a sandwich, salad or other main dish, a side dish (french fries, etc), a drink, and a dessert from four different restaurants. For each item on your menu, record the total calories and the calories from fat. 

  http://www.dietfacts.com/fastfood.asp   (This site allows you to search many fast food restaurant sites.)

Sample Spreadsheet

Entering Data and Formulas:  Set up your Excel spreadsheet like the one above.  You will enter the calories in column B and fat calories in column C. 

To figure out non-fat calories, write a formula to subtract the fat calories from the total calories. (HINT: =B2-C2)

To figure out the percentage of calories from fat, divide fat calories by calories. Format the cells in column E for percentage. (HINT: =C2/B2)

To figure out total calories, total fat calories, and total non-fat calories,  you can use the AutoSum button or write a formula.  To figure out the total percentage of fat, divide total calories by total fat calories.

Making Pie Chart: Create a pie chart for fat from calories for each menu. Highlight Food items-> hold down ctrl-.highlight food items->then highlight numbers in Fat Calories column (just the numbers- not titles)-> then choose Pie Graph. Use Text Boxes to create titles of Restaurants and Label each Fat Calories.


After creating the spreadsheet and pie graphs, read (analyze) the data.  Write a letter to Dolores School stating which restarant is the healthiest, and why it would be best for activity busses to stop at these/this fast food restaurant(s).  Be sure to explain in detail why. Give specific numbers referring to your spreadsheets.

Hints: Eating too much fat, may increase the risk of e heart disease, some cancers, and/or high blood pressure. Therefore, menus with lower fat and higher non fat calories is better.

Label the letter Fast food .  Use the block style form (Example:  Fast food-).

Print Pie Charts on 1 page by itself. Print spreadsheets with and without formulas.( Formulas-Show formula iconc.)  Staple to the back of your letter.